Briana Roy


Bri has played volleyball her whole life including all four years at New Mexico State from 2004-2008, a division 1 collegiate program.  Being a star athlete, she’s always been passionate about fitness.  So you can guess she was excited when FLY Kickbox opened right next door to her day job, managing the co-working space at Stanley Marketplace.  She couldn’t wait to get into the studio she watched being built, beginning kickboxing right away when FLY started welcoming members in Jan 2018. Hitting the bags reinvigorated her competitive spirit to work hard and really learn the techniques that Jamaica incorporates in class. Falling in love with the full body and cardio workout that kickboxing gives you, she couldn’t stay away and wants to give others the same encouragement and confidence she’s gained at FLY. Going to kickboxing has become a daily event, which is why she’s already attended over 100 classes at FLY! Bri is always looking to help recruit new people to come experience the adrenaline and great workout that kickboxing brings.

Briana Roy - Kickboxing Trainer
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