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FLY Kickbox is live streaming FREE classes through Zoom to keep our community moving and connected! All workouts will be “at-home” friendly and will not require equipment.  If you have boxing gloves or gloves and a bag you are welcome to use them.  Classes are open to everyone, no experience required.  Invite your friends and family!

Our Schedule

All live stream classes are on our Mindbody schedule and FLY Kickbox app.

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Download the Zoom app on your mobile device or go to on your computer.

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On Demand

We will be recording lots of live stream classes and posting them.  You can access the workouts (for FREE) at your convenience and as often as you’d like on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Donations are not required but appreciated!

Venmo: FLY Kickbox

Meet the FLY Trainers

Jamaica Cooke

Jamaica Cooke - Kickboxing Instructor Denver Colorado

Tom Cooke

Tom Cooke - Kickboxing Instructor Denver Colorado

Briana Roy

Briana Roy - Kickboxing Trainer

Cory Jagger

Cory Jagger - Kickboxing Instructor

Mindy Van Kalsbeek

Mindy Van Kalsbeek

Jen Samuel

Jen Samuel

Megan Leage

Meghan Lofthus
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