Megan comes to us from Maine. Although she’d love to admit that her passion for kickboxing came from growing up with two brothers, it actually started in 2009, while training with the Army National Guard. Megan was taught various hand to hand combatives and was involved in Sunday night fight nights, where she boxed both male and female soldiers. It was here where Megan really found a love for all things combatives. In 2014, she started teaching kickboxing and after the loss of a dear friend, she discovered just how therapeutic kickboxing could be. Megan was overcome with grief and found that the community of people she taught and the exercise itself was all she really needed to help her heal from her loss. After discovering this capability to heal herself through the sport, she loved to teach others how to work through those moments when they felt they couldn’t go any further. Observing that sense of empowerment rush over them was beyond addicting. She wanted to further her knowledge of self defense and spent almost two years operating a Krav Maga gym before moving back to her roots of boxing and kickboxing.

As a NASM certified personal trainer, Megan teaches private lessons at her home gym and local parks. When she’s not training, you can find her cooking healthy meals for local families, hanging with her dog, Shredder, and trying to train her cat, Addie, to adventure in the great outdoors.

Meghan Lofthus
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