The Workout

You will be led through an active warm-up, punching & kicking combinations, kickboxing techniques, core work and a cooldown. Each class is unique so your body is always challenged. We train from both stances in class making it a balanced workout for your body and brain. Workouts are set to upbeat music in a friendly and engaging environment that will have you hooked in no time!

Class Formats

Signature Kickboxing

Designed for all levels, this high energy, music-driven kickboxing workout on the heavy bag combines cardio, technique development, stretching, and baseline rounds throughout the class utilizing the leaderboard, for a sweat-inducing, stress-reducing experience. (60 minutes)


Come get a new personal best on the leaderboard with this intense kickboxing class! (60 minutes)

Short Circuit

Delivering a large amount of energy in a short period of time.  Think battle ropes, weights, bosu balls, and TRX all before or between kickboxing rounds.  Get ready to Short CIRCUIT!

Early Riser/Lunch Box

Short on time, big on energy? This highly efficient class is guaranteed to burn calories and leave you with an appetite for more. Get in. Get out. Get back to your day. (45 minutes)

Punch ’n Crunch

So you’re not a fighter, but you still want rock hard abs, come punch the bag and then drop and crunch for an intense core workout! (45 minutes)


Come learn kickboxing techniques for 45 minutes and challenge your friends on the leaderboard! (ages 11 and up)


Arcade style – bring your younger family members in for a fun, safe release of energy for 30 minutes and let them see their names on the leaderboard as they learn to love to be strong! (Ages 6 -10)

Personal Training

One on one personal training focuses on functional movement, strength and balance, toning, pre and postnatal exercises, and sports conditioning. (Private & Semi-private Training Available)

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