Van Kalsbeek


Mindy is an Iowa-born-and-raised kid who has lived in Denver for most of her adult life. She started boxing a couple years ago, and immediately fell in love with the intensity, hard work, and focus that boxing requires. Boxing quickly became a way for Mindy to learn how to practice presence. By being fully present physically and mentally, one can form a better mind-body connection. Not only is it a great workout in the gym, but a platform that can be applied to learning how to be fully present and engaged in life outside of the gym.

Mindy took her first kickboxing class at FLY shortly after the studio opened and was instantly hooked on the intensity. She also immediately made it her goal to someday beat Tom’s score on the bag, so she’s been attending ever since (and still hasn’t beaten him…). When she’s not in the gym, Mindy can be found teaching for the Master’s of Social Work Programs at Colorado State University and the University of Nevada, Reno. She’s excited to be part of the FLY team!

Mindy Van Kalsbeek
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